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Terre dell’Oasi partnership


Terre dell’Oasi was created in 2010 and is formed by a number of members (cooperatives). The majority are local cooperatives who work the fields and are directly involved in the production and transformation of the products. As of today there are 10 cooperatives of farmers and producers. They work the 38 hectares of fields in the Penne regional nature reserve and 20 hectares in the Orbetello lagoon nature reserve in Tuscany.

In addition to these farmers and producers new products have been introduced from other nature reserves. The producers are not members of Terre dell’ Oasi but their products, given that they follow the criteria for inclusion in Terre dell’Oasi, have been introduced.

For a new products to become part of Terre dell’ Oasi there are a number of criteria that need to be met: foremost they must be from organic farming and produced in WWF protected areas, produced by farmers working in WWF Oases or in the immediate vicinity and who, in addition to farming also carry out nature conservation work. They must also respect the national legislation on organic farming.


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