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The Mission


The mission of Terre dell’ Oasi is to produce, transform and market organic products from WWF nature reserves and neighbouring areas.

The project aims to demonstrate that when economic activities are sustainable they can be compatible with nature conservation, becoming an important source of revenue for protected areas.


Terre dell’ Oasi is a project promoted by WWF Italy, WWF Oasi and the cooperatives from WWF Italy’s Oases that adhere to the Legacoop group.

Terre dell’ Oasi products aim to recover traditional foods and contribute to the protection and conservation of the natural landscape and its biodiversity. Products from outside WWF nature reserves are carefully selected from farmers who practice certified organic farming;  revenues are then invested back into the management of the nature reserves and conservation projects. A pack of pasta from Terre dell’ Oasi means healthy and quality foods but most importantly it holds an intrinsic “environmental attribute”.

Terre dell’Oasi is about nature conservation and economic sustainability. It is also about promoting local experiences at a national level. It brings together products from local farmers introducing them into the  national market and opening new opportunities for local communities. It demonstrates that nature conservation can be a strong ally for local communities favouring new forms of farming while recovering and maintaining biodiversity.

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